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will not hesitate to use chemical weapons -- the assad regime will not hesitate to use chemical weapons if things get worse. we go to the coast of honduras, where cocaine has become the country's curse. and running for gold. how an olympian overcame the odds to compete for america. >> when i look at where i came from, i have to pinch myself. >> welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. tonight, the fighting in syria appears to be moving closer to the center of the capital, damascus. over the past couple days, clashes between government forces and rebel fighters have taken place in the southern suburbs of the city. now, even more worrying, syria's for ambassador to iraq, who defected last week, said that forces loyal to president saleh saad will not hesitate to use chemical weapons. -- syria's former ambassador to iraq, who defected last week, said that forces loyal to president assad will not hesitate to use chemical weapons. >> international diplomacy is struggling to find a way out. in these pictures, activists say people are trying to flee heavy shelling in damascus.
weapons and would use the myth based with a foreign attack. the suspect in the mass shooting in a colorado movie theater makes his first appearance in court. one columbine survivor is faced with tragedy again. >> to live through it twice, it is on real. -- it is unreal. it is not fair. >> forget about the canoing you did at summer camp. bbc is getting in on the act. first up, a ride down the rapids. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. faced with a foreign attack, syria will be ready to unleash its chemical weapons. that was the warning from the assad regime that served as the first public acknowledgement country possesses such materials. it comes as fierce fighting continues in damascus. our correspondent reports from the border crossing between syria. >> there are huge numbers of heavily armed government forces in this northern city determined to stop the rebel army capturing the country's commercial center. outnumbered and out-gunned, the fsa occasionally scores remarkable successes. these pictures cannot be verified, but they're said to show heavy equipment ta
in demonstrations when they were shot. >> we were in a protest. the army shot at us with automatic weapons. the bullet hit me in the leg and broke a bone. >> there is growing international concern about syria's stockpile of chemical weapons. israel has said it would act if they felt there were falling into the wrong hands. today, the syrian foreign ministry said the weapons were safe but warned they could be used in the event of foreign intervention. >> any unconventional weapon would never be used against civilians or syrian people in this crisis. these weapons are meant to be used only in the evidence of external aggression against the syrian republic. >> several governments are putting in place contingency plans to evacuate their nationals. the fighting inside syria it shows no signs of abating. bbc news on the turkey-syria border. >> the subject of the chemical weapons, president obama had this message today for the syrian government. >> given the stockpiles of chemical weapons, we will continue to make it clear the world is watching and that they will be held accountable by the intern
in damascus but in syria as a whole. they are wrong to underestimate us. >> these street fighting pictures and damascus were not filled by rebels, they are from state television. a tacit admission by the regime of house serious situation has become. -- of how serious the situation has become. the violence has crept in from outlying districts like these. last night, the barracks of the presidential palace were set ablaze. this morning's blast was a place presume to be a secure stronghold. >> this sent a message to the regime that the hands of the syrian people can reach any one side of damascus and even bashar al-assad. he is not safe anymore. >> but the regime still commands a powerful and ruthless security apparatus. this is worrying to the rest of the world. >> this is a situation round of the spinning out of control. for that reason, it is extremely important that the international community, working with other countries, have concerns in that area, have to bring maximum pressure on assad. >> the opposition smells victory. they have been celebrating the attacks as most have lost faith i
here. activist said security forces used mortars and attacked. shooting was reported in a main street right in the heart of damascus. in other parts, things seem to be fairly normal. the main centers of the regime's power have yet to come under attack. the free syrian army is calling its operation at damascus volcano. after 16 months, the uprising has finally arrived in the capital. >> to libya, the national forces alliance looks to of done very well. in contrast to a neighbor in -- neighborin countries, islamist parties are trailing behind. here is our correspondent. >> ever so slowly, the results of libya's first democratic elections in more than 40 years are being declared. thus far, a moderate technocrats is edging ahead. he was propelled on the world stage after the fall of gaddafi. welcome to warmly by nicolas sarkozy and other global leaders. western educated and english speaking, he was credited with attracting support. he was one of the first high- profile defectors to the national transitional council at the beginning of the revolution. opponents have criticized his link to
. they're headed there to help crush a rebel advance. the obama administration has condemned the use of attack helicopters in the area. our correspondent and cameramen are there and send this report. >> they have been celebrating victory in part of aleppo city. it is certainly premature. the rebels and residents say they have reason to cheer. >> the rebels have brought us here to show some of the damage they have brought against the government tanks. a design of the -- it is a sign of some of the fierce fighting that has taken place. this is what has happened to the army's first counter-attack. that does not mean the rebels have won. they say they control 70% of the city. that is unlikely. the view from state tv is very different. >> in a roundup otroubled spots, it said government forces could gain the upper hand across syria. this is what state tv is not showing. what activist says is the city being pounded. nor are they showing the shelling anin homs. we cannot verify this footage. residents tried to get children to safety. it appears to be a gruesome discovery. the media activist
the day after the deadly attack. he has overcome the odds after emigrating from cuba, now this u.s. gymnast is hoping to power his way onto the podium in the london olympics. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. tonight, there are fast-moving developments on the ground in syria while the united nations veto has drawn a harsh rebuke from a western powers prefers fighting continues in damascus the day after the attack which killed three of the president's inner circle. rebels say they are in control of key border crossings. >> syrian rebels seize one of the crossings into turkey, dismantling the portrait of president bashar al-assad. something similar was reported on the border with iraq. it is a sign of great weakness. rebel fighters are still shooting in the center of damascus. these are unverified pictures, but there are many reports from the city that areas once considered regime strongholds have been affected. syrian state television shows the president swearing in a new defense minister. presumably his tv appearance was designed to show calmness and st
, now this american is hoping his moves will bring home a gold for the u.s. in london. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and also a around the globe. tonight, the city of aurora in colorado remains in a state of shock after one of the deadly shootings in recent history. it was at a midnight showing of the new batman movie. the gunmen held a gas canister into the movie theater and then opened fire. he has been identified as james holmes, a 24-year-old graduate student. 12 people were killed another 69 injured. >> it was after midnight, but like thousands of theaters across america, this suburban cinema was sold out for the first showing of the new batman blockbuster. >> oh my god. >> the horror of it was captured on people's mobile phones. half an hour into the film, a man dressed in black, wearing a gas mask and a bulletproof jacket let off a smoke canister and then opened fire with an assault rifle, shotgun and pistol. at first, people thought it was a stunt linked to the movie. some died in their seats. dozens were injured as they tried to flee. >> i was right there in the fi
on the developing situation in egypt and beyond, u.s. republicans tillis john mccain has just returned from observing that elections in libya. let's start by talking about egypt and how positive are you about that country's transition to democracy. >> i think it is very concerning an obviously a very fragile situation. we want to be very careful how we intervene in this very fragile situation. we always knew that in the case of egypt it might be one of the most difficult of all the countries that have been involved in the arab spring. with them and has been two steps forward and one step back, and maybe two steps forward and two steps back. but i think we should do everything we can to help them get through this crisis without intervening on either side right now. >> how can you help them get through the crisis? what should the u.s. do? it is something the u.s. has been wary of in the past. >> we need to respect the egyptian elections. they were fair by all accounts. there is a fundamental factor. there is significant aid that comes from the united states, both military and nonmilitary. the
us here? the bankers are saying -- this will make it more difficult for us to do our job. making it hard to function as banks with economies growing. >> he said they are done apologizing, but that this is the kind of scandal the leaves the public wanting more regulation to stop this from happening again. >> the wall street journal just had a conference of cfo's around the world with unprecedented levels of cash in their companies. they have of for a few years. why is that? you hear from them and we cannot be sure that there's going to be another banking crisis or financial crisis and we will be able to go to our banks for funding in the future. we are putting this cash on hand just in case. this latest scandal is not going to dull the concern in any way. >> talking about the financial crash, which this seems to be wrapped up in, they are downgrading the american growth prospects and numbers will be watched carefully in the white house for more signs that the recovery is fragile. >> that is right. it was noted that this was in part because of what is going on in europe. problems t
. one told bbc that even after being trained for months, he was not being used. >> i have been told many times that i would have a job at the olympics, and then two or three days later, a call them up and ask what is happening, and they do not know. >> in a statement, g4s, whose contract includes financial penalties, said they had encountered delays in progressing applicants through the final stages, but they are working extremely hard to process these as quickly as possible. >> some of the troops who have been deployed had just returned from afghanistan. others will have to count for holiday. >> i was down there a week ago, and many see it as a great national event and what to do the right thing in order to ensure our security. >> today, another sign of a security operation unprecedented in peaceime. officials are adamant that this will not compromise security, but it will not prevent questions being asked about this embarrassing last minute call-up. >> for more on the security concerns heading into the learning games, i am joined by the director of the homeland security program at the
vera off course? as the u.s. marks the fourth of july, it is its decline and not achievement that marks the country. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and elsewhere around the globe. it seems only fitting that on this fourth of july, which start with this story of discovery. after a question of nearly half a century, scientists say they have found a particle which may be the use of so-called god particle, the higgs boson, and it may be time to put the champagne in the refrigerator. >> it is a discovery about the fabric of the universe that will go down as one of the greatest in science. in a giant underground facility near geneva, observers have found the key to matter. in the circular tunnel, they have identified a new kind of particle, as predicted nearly 50 years ago by a british professor, peter higgs. today, he was in geneva, at an emotional announcement of the discovery of the higgs boson. >> i want to congratulate everyone on this tremendous achievement. for me, this is really an incredible thing that happened in my lifetime. [applause] >> the scientists hunted for it by f
of the pilot -- they introduced the idea of a joystick. the boeing aircraft all use the old wheel that you see in the movies. many pilots swear that if you have your hands on the wheel, you can feel the aircraft differently. airbus will make the argument, and hundreds of thousands of pilots will confirm and say that the joystick gives you a sensitivity, gives you a very professional read of what the aircraft is doing. but in this case, the pilot, the left-hand seat apparently could not see the co-pilot -- the person sitting in the right seat had the joystick jam back, and he did not pick up any indications that that was happening -- joystick jammed back. the one time that they pitched the nose down, the plane started to fly, but then they pulled it back up. >> which is a greek tragedy. it seems you are suggesting you can fix every single thing, but it is hard to think you will ever totally eliminate -- >> you are not. this is an accident where you really want to focus on cockpit management. how do you cooperate? how do you diagnosed jointly? even when you are in unfamiliar territory, how do yo
our viewers who have joined us on pbs in america and around the globe. today austerity measures in spain brought violent protests. miners fed up with the cuts marched on madrid and clashed with police. demonstrators threw stones and firecrackers, and police responded with rubber bullets. it came as the government announced more stringent measures to help the country's big leaguered banks. here is our report. >> on the streets of madrid today, protestors clashed with police. some threw stones. among the crowd, spanish miners protesting cuts to government subsidies. there is a reaction to government cuts not only in the mining sector, but the government is taxing more and spends less. these people believe that is not the answer to the problem. some have traveled a long way to bring their message to the capital. >> some of these have, walked from the mines in far north spain. in these towns, running battles between the miners and police. the miners weapons, firecrackers. they have looked like a rebel army. the government says it can't afford to pay large subsidies to a small sector
. >> at union bank, our relationship managers use their -- work hard to know your business. we offer specialized solutions for your business. what can we do for you? >> at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies. that's why we're supplying cleaner-burning natural gas to generate electricity. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol, a biofuel made from renewable sugar cane. >> a minute, mom! >> let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. >> and now, bbc world news. >> this is "bbc world news america" reporting from washington. reports of more mass killings in syria sparked outrage. the international committee is struggling with the next step. growth falls to a low over concerns at home and abroad. >> the chinese economy is slowing and that raises a huge question. will they be able to fill these buildings? will the chinese debt dragging down? >> honoring bob hope. he might have been an american treasure, but his daughter helps celebrate his british roots. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. 24 hours after we broug
convened today. at the gathering, u.s. secretary of state clinton strongly called on russia and china to stop supporting president assad. our correspondent starts our coverage. >> they were close -- in age and in ideas. they train in the army together. one became president, the other a general protecting the core of the regime, but then, their response to protests drove them apart. reports suggest the general tried to limit the bombardment of his home town. he has apparently met some rebel commanders and possibly even a local efforts at reconciliation. the regime's response to all this -- the general was frozen out of power, more or less confined to his home until he decided to flee, apparently to join other family members in paris. in paris today, key figures lined up against the assad regime under the banner of friends of the syrian people. china and russia pointedly stayed away, but many countries failed a defection they fervently hope will set a trend. >> we are seeing high-level defections every day. it is time to abandon the dictators -- embrace your countrymen and women -- get
weapons had been used but he said his team had not been able to go there. >> if we have a cease-fire, we will have a team to verify the facts on the ground. >> syrian state television blamed armed terrorists for the attack. then, there was a report of a operation against opposition fighters. the russians are threatening to veto any new sanctions against syria. syria is under mounting pressure. hillary clinton talked about delivered murder. kofi annan described the violence as an outrageous violation of the peace plan and the u.n. secretary general said that it has cast serious doubts on president assad's commitment to peace. tonight, there was no opposition reports of syrian government troops firing on protesters in damascus and aleppo. that is something else to raise with president putin when he meets in moscow on monday in what is shaping up to be a crucial week for diplomacy on syria. >> for more on the continuing diplomatic struggle over how to respond to the violence and syria, i spoke to the former special assistant to president clinton who serves as the director of the internation
that instead of being helped by the authorities, they are being harassed. >> police are followg us everywhere. as if our pain was not enough. >> these mothers and fathers say that they will never stop searching, clinging to the slim hope that they will someday find their children. >> the first witness has provided testimony in the trial of the bosnian leader [unintelligible] the witness survived the massacre of 1992. the accused is charged with 700 war crimes and crimes against humanity. he denies the charges. and as we have seen, the problems have far reaching implications there. coming out on top, was royal dutch shell rounding out the top five were chinese companies and bp. i am joined from new york by the fortunes executive editor. what about there being fewer? >> we have seen a drop of in the european countries. we have seen a falling in the ranking of several important european banks. and you need about $29 billion in and feet -- annual and it is going to take them down a few pegs. and there is a global shift in economic power, given the rise of china. >> four years ago, there were only
have called for america being more proactive to shaping a longer-term solution. what exactly can the u.s. do more of >> well, first of all, it certainly can provide humanitarian assistance for those people fleeing syria, and we are seeing that is happening in increasing numbers, as we see there in aleppo, and we can try to give some shape to the political outcome. what kind of political outcome do we want to see when it mr. bashar leaves the country, and to do that, we have to work with countries like russia, of course, but one of the most immediate and effective neighbors, turkey. >> what about iran? iran is clearly a key player in the region. if iran does not sign on to what is agreed to -- >> i ambled skeptical about putting too much faith in working with iran because i think their main interest is to hang on and keep him in power at all costs, and i think they are providing him some of the wherewithal and some of the assistance needed to accomplish that. we are at odds with iran on the question of what will happen with syria, and whatever good will happen in syria will come in spite
further, with firsthand accounts forces have used fighter jets to bomb the city of aleppo. rebel fighters launched an offensive to try to get control of the area from the army. our correspondent and cameraman are there and have the very latest. >> it is the islamic month of ramadan, so when the sun goes down, another day of fighting, and in syria, the rebel army comes out to fight. we joined a convoy on a highly dangerous mission to aleppo, headlights off to avoid being seen, passing under the nose of government troops and into serious second city, where the insurgency has found its love this voice -- its loudest voice. many here are desperate for the rebels suit -- to succeed, clamoring for freedom denied by their president, but as the rebels take over this district, what many fear they will see is an osmotic takeover that will unleash a whirlwind of division and bloodshed across the region. hundreds, perhaps as many as 1000, rebel fighters have pushed into this part of aleppo city. as you can see, they have set up barricades. there is fear that reinforcements will be there. by daylight,
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 62 (some duplicates have been removed)